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Non-Surgical Facelift Facial

Idan Med Spa at San Francisco, offers a revolutionary approach to facial rejuvenation with its non-surgical facelift facial. Our innovative technique is designed to combat aging symptoms such as wrinkles and sagging skin, without the need of any surgery or downtime.

Non-Surgical Face Lift
(60 min)


Truly Exceptional Results

Best for: Signs of aging, Deep lines, Sagging skin, Tightening.

Recommended add-ons:

Organic Peel add-on - $69 (recommended)

Eye Lift boosting add-on - $49 (recommended)

Dermaplaning add on -$69

Vitamin C Booster -$49

Extra Deep Hydration - $49

(If interested in an add-on please mention it on the notes during check-out)

Before and after non surgical facelift facial Idan Med Spa San Francisco

How does a non-surgical facelift facial works?

Tightening both the skin and the muscle tissues underneath the face and the neck.
First we will use microcurrent technology to tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity, and have been shown to reduce wrinkles. 

Than we will continue the treatment with radio-frequency skin tightening technique that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat skin with the purpose of stimulating cutaneous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

The facial will also include: Deep cleaning, LED therapy light and a collagen mask.

Is a non surgical face lift worth it?

A non-surgical facial treatment that combines microcurrent and radiofrequency (RF) technologies can offer several potential benefits for skin rejuvenation and tightening. However, whether it's "worth it" depends on your individual goals, expectations, and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of a microcurrent and RF lift:

  1. Desired Results: Microcurrent and RF treatments are generally aimed at improving skin tone, texture, and firmness. They can help stimulate collagen production, tighten sagging skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If these are the results you're looking for, these treatments are worth it.

  2. Non-Surgical Approach: One of the main advantages of microcurrent and RF treatments is that they are non-invasive and non-surgical. This means there is typically little to no downtime compared to surgical procedures, and the risk of complications is generally lower.

  3. Number of Sessions: To achieve optimal results, multiple treatment sessions are usually required. The degree of improvement can also vary based on individual factors such as skin condition, age, and treatment regimen.

  4. Maintenance: The results of microcurrent and RF treatments are not permanent. Maintenance sessions may be recommended to prolong the effects. Be prepared for ongoing treatments to sustain your desired results.

  5. Consultation: Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, it's crucial to have a consultation with a qualified and experienced practitioner. They can assess your skin's condition, discuss your goals, and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

In summary, a non-surgical facial treatment that combines microcurrent and RF lift can be worth considering if you're looking for mild to moderate improvements in skin tone, texture, and firmness without the downtime and risks associated with surgery. At Idan Med Spa in San Francisco we will perform a consultation right before the treatment to make sure our estheticians focuses on your main concern and answers all of your questions.

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