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Real People, Real Results: Idan Med Spa Testimonials

Chemical Peel Facial Before and after pic of a woman after Hydrafacial facial at Idan Med Spa

* "I had "lactic acid chemical peel" at Dr. Welsh who is one of the top dermatologist in SF for the past 20 years BUT OH WOW..!! Idan's chemical peel was so amazing that I had to go see him from now on..!! After just 1 peel my pigmentation and melasma became so much lighter!! Best chemical peel in San Francisco!"

Kaureen T.
Idan Med Spa

Before and after pic of a woman after 2 non surgical facelift facials at Idan Med Spa San Francisco

* “I signed up to the the non surgical face-lift program and I would recommend Idan Med Spa to anyone who is looking for a healthy and effective anti-aging solution. This place has everything, for everyone.
Idan was very professional and very kind. Highly recommend!"

Irina G.
Idan Med Spa

Microdermabrasion Idan Med spa

* "I went in for hydrating facial because I have incredibly dry skin and no esthetician has ever truly helped hydrate my skin. Idan is an hydrating master he not only makes you feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed but he also listens to what your skin needs by asking all the right questions. Best spa facial in SF. Will definitely come back."

Jackie K.
Idan Med Spa

Hydrodermabrasion Facial Idan Med Spa

* "I've been to many facials across the us as I'm traveling a lot for work , tried multiple places but haven't seen anyone as passionate and professional as idan ! Definitely best microdermabrasion I had.
I felt very comfortable with him , I really enjoyed the facial , he really educated me and used very good products , the most important thing is that usually after a facial I had redness for couple of days but with him my face looked on point ! Soft , smooth , no redness once or ever ... very recommended !"

Sean D.
Idan Med Spa

Signature Facial Idan Med Spa

* "Wow! Be ready to get amazed!!  after been so stress to get my facial before the holiday coming I was looking all over for good esthetician in affordable price I found Idan in yelp and booked it. I have to say I'm very hard on myself with anything to do
With skin care but after I saw the result I was soooo happy.  The treatment includes chemical peel and basic facial. After one hour of treatment I saw such big different in my face, they become smooth and flawless, clean and even color. Best chemical peel I ever had.  I will adopt this treatment for at least once a month and recommends all my friend in the Bay Area."

Ori E.
Idan Med Spa

Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Facial Idan Med Spa

* "Such a refreshing experience! I love to get facials and go each time to a different esthetician and I must say my facial at this place was very unique and effective! My skin still feels smooth even after a week! Best microdermabrasion facial! Highly recommended!"

Danielle C.
Idan Med Spa

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